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By Jen , April 29, in General Discussion. We're looking to collect some player experiences with ARK and we're reaching out to you. Did you meet new friends through the game that have impacted your life since? Are you a teacher who plays with your students? If you think you have a particularly interesting story about your ARK experience, please share it below! I've been playing Ark for a very long time and it has greatly changed how I use my time off of school meaning it's all I do!

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I play alone as I enjoy having an Ark to myself. My time with this game has been amazing, it's my favourite game. I've loved and still love seeing Ark's development occur as I'm playing the game. My Ark experience has been one of relative peace and enjoyment. Although my saves have been deleted, I just used it as an excuse to have all that fun a second time.

Keep up the fantastic work, and I hope to see Ark reach release. I started by myself then got my son involved then my brother then our dad then a few of each of our personal friends. It was a blast, we had a huge metal base on The island but my dad preferred to cruise around on a raft and get himself into trouble with other tribes, maybe once a week we'd have to go track him down and break him out of a cage or pay for his release or just straight up attack someone for trolling him.

He became our tribes rep while we ground away hours and hours on metal runs and all the fun things we did. Eventually we made a little base for him and called it "old farts peak" but the raft life was all he wanted. We became known as the family tribe in that server, it was fun to have people from 11 years old to 66 in the same tribe. Ark has had a very positive effect on my life. I started on Xbox when it first released, in non-dedicated games so my friends could pop in from time to time, but most of my experience is as a solo player. I've always loved this game.

I recently purchased a gaming PC just so I could play Ark with some of the amazing mods. It has been very educational. It's hard to get me interested in a lot of things, but my curiosity about the creatures I had bonded with in Ark has led me to research many of the dinosaurs, to learn about their lives here, so long ago. It prompted me to visit a local museum, mostly because I knew they had someone I very much wanted to visit - my profile photo I took there. They had a dimorphodon I've dealt with anxiety and depression my whole life, but Ark has helped me tremendously since I started playing.

I found there the opportunity to build my own private sanctuaries, surrounded by things I love. Albeit that I run god mode and enemyinvisible when I do, but it lets me have my haven. When I go out, I usually take one to five of my dimorphodons out to send hunting. It gives me a lot of joy to see my admittedly absurdly buffed birds in action. And my favorite element of Ark is breeding.

I find it so relaxing to work on my bloodlines and raise my babies. I don't have that time sped up, because I genuinely enjoy the time I spend raising each bird. I can't express enough gratitude for everything Ark has done for me. And I look forward to seeing it continue to grow and develop. My birds and I will be along for the ride. Lol using ark for learning purposes? Your trying to raise a generation if kids who think the Giga is a giant killing machine twice the size of a Rex Andy that people can ride raptors.

Started off on my laptop, with sweet sweet 20 fps, playing singleplayer, then i got a better pc and started playing on my friend's world 'cause i didin't have my old one anymore. Another friend eventually bought a server so i played a lot on that with 4 or 5 other people, but eventually we stopped. When the Scorched earth DLC came out i started another world with my friend and we played that for a while, now i'm mostly on my singleplayer world, trying to tame all the new dinos that are coming out and failing.

Like many, I bought ark just after its initial release in the summer of I played on a laptop The same one I still play on today and due to the optimization issues back in the day it would sometimes take me up to an hour to load the game and start playing. I persisted though! Usually I would just leave the game running all day, so I wouldn't have to load it up every time -trust me, the theme tune really starts grinding your gears after 48 hours- but I loved every minute I got to play.

I had just started playing on an unofficial server, setting up base on the east coast just at the mouth of the small canyon.

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I looked at that my tribe mate and carefully approached our door. Behind the door a microphone symbol popped up. Somebody was saying hello. We opened the door and there was "Bob".


Bob was our neighbour and he wanted to say hi. He dropped us some gear and resources and he was off again. We saw Bob several times over the next few days as we trotted around on the beach, gathering materials and taming dinosaurs. I tamed my first few raptors and lovingly named one Foxtrot.

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I knocked on the door and Bob came out. He greeted me and we had a chat. When he opened up his dinosaur gate however, I was greeted with a much less friendly neighbour, that being his Stego Neil -who was set to agressive-. Neil quickly dispatched of me and sadly, as I was running back, also of poor Foxtrot.

I scrambled back to Bob's house and asked him if I could please at least have my gear and Foxtrot's saddle back. This became the turning point in our neighbour-relationship as Bob realised that I was not going retaliate and we quickly became actual friends. We joined servers together, built bases, waged wars, explored. We grew to be best friends and after we met up, a couple as well. We still play Ark to this day. I can well and truly say that Ark has changed my life, as I am still out there trotting side by side with whom I believe to be the love of my life.

Ps: Phil, I know you are going to read this, because obviously I'm linking it to you, so.. I started playing Ark in November I started on PVP with my sister, who ironically led an Alpha tribe on the server already. It was confusing but really interesting, but the savagery and ruthlessness of that mode was too much. Eventually we were wiped and lost everything, so I quit.

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We had about 10 people at the time, and it was a blast building and taming. Several months pass, and everyone but us 3 remained but could never bring ourselves to quit, we grew attached to our tames. It's funny, for me and many other's this isn't even just a "video game" to us anymore, it's almost like a second life.

I've made some good friends living on this island for so long, and of course got those neighbor's you can't stand.. When I went to college for video game design, this was the type of game I dreamed of making, so it makes me happy to live vicariously through it. Keep up the great work guys! Ark has changed my life for the better.

I have seemed to develope some form of insomnia due to the constant worry of being offline raided and losing thousands of hours of work into breeding and gathering in a few hours while I cant even defend myself. On top of that when I do manage to find some time to sleep I have to wake back up during it in order to imprint dinos. Even when I do find myself trying to pull away from the game to get food or to let my dogs out I end up finding more base chores to get finished and completely forget I was about to take a break. Thank you for developing such an in depth and time consuming game.

I personally play on a private server with my friends. We all live on the west coast playing on the Island and we don't have pvp just some good ol pve. We are all still relatively new. We all have fun working on our bases taming new dinos and exploring parts of the map we haven't seen. For instance we went into the underwater cave on the west side of the map Just a year ago we all played Minecraft survival together but most of us were starting to get out of it.

This is the first game to captivate us all in the same way for a while and good news its multiplayer. We've had tons of fun and have probably spent way to many hours on the game considering how long we've all owned it. Ark is a fun game, I play with my brother and "randoms" on official ORP servers. One of my most fun stories? I guess when I tamed a low level spino to explore the ocean and encountered a level 5 squid, right after they were introduced.

I had to watch as my spino was knocked out, suck dry by the squid, and turned into a corpse.

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  4. What did I do to it?!? I swam to the surface fast as I could. Ocean: Not even once. Now I joke that the ocean creatures are on bath salts the drugs. A sad one I had was when I made a series of really bad decisions.