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Folks who live in the subdivisions that have cropped up Reports say that in the older, unused buildings, unexplained flashing lights have been noticed at night. And piano playing has been heard coming from the defunct movie house. Harold Parker State Forest now has 35 miles of woodsy trails and roads, ponds, swamps, forests and rocky outcroppings, but evidence of its 18th-century farming and milling operations may be seen here as well. Ruins of houses and unmarked graves can be found on the grounds. Some say that beyond Pine Hill Cemetery, also known as Blood Cemetery because of the name Abel Blood on a tombstone, is reported to be haunted by the entire Blood family who were allegedly murdered in the s.

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The spirit of the little boy of the family has been seen by drivers passing by The dark wooded road reportedly leads to a meadow, a popular teen hangout. It is said to have cold spots and a malevolent force that watches over everyone there. The historic Country Tavern restaurant is housed in a place that was built in and was once owned by English sea captain Ford and his young wife Elizabeth. Legend has it that when he was off to sea for an extended time, he came home to find Elizabeth had Windham Restaurant is housed in a former home once owned by the Dinsmore family.

Witnesses here have noticed something playing with their hair especially blondes , cold chills, something unseen that unclasps their jewelry and moves objects in the house. Prop Christmas packages are moved by a prankish spirit and Apparitions, voices and footsteps are among the eerie things often reported here. It was built in and contains murals believed to have been created by Rufus Porter, painter, inventor and founder of The Scientific American Magazine, a Victorian garden and examples of early Once Numero's Mexican Restaurant, once with apparitions on the second floor, footsteps in the attic, lights that worked on their own and silverware that jumped off tables, the place has was renovated and is now J.

Michael's Family Sports Pub. No hauntings have been reported since the renovations. Regis College's haunted College Hall, built in the late s, is rumored to have several ghosts in residence, including a roaming cold spot. A former piano teacher opens and closes doors and occasionally plays the piano, and the fourth floor is home to some spectral nuns, students say. At this inn, it is said that a woman named Jerusha Howe lingers, especially in Rooms 7 and 9. She is said to have been unlucky in her love life, and therefore likes to touch male visitors.

Author Henry W. Longfellow wrote a book about the inn in the But a few years later, James committed suicide. Today, witnesses report ghostly footsteps and several apparitions, but not ones belonging to James. Folks have seen a Native American, a little girl, Urban legend has it that this is the very New England college that stored H. Lovecraft's famed evil book Necronomicon, buried deep underground.

Although the Lovecraft book "Necronomicon" is a work of fiction, fans maintain that the book of spells actually exists at Northpoint Bible College formerly Bradford College. Below Verna's Donut Shop is a basement storeroom, used to hold supplies for the doughnut shop and the adjacent cake-decorating shop, and it's rumored to have more than flour and sprinkles.

A ghost, or at least a shadowy figure, has been seen crouching behind the boxes.

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It's believed to be haunted by a former employee. Witnesses have described the feeling of something breathing on their neck and balls that return when the machine is off. The Ghost Hunters debunked the Several ghosts are said to be in residence at this cottage built in , and one is the builder, Philip Knight. Another is Rebecca Towne, who wears a blue dress and floats through the dining room.

Captain Henry Quiver died here in the s, and was said to join the Legend has it that a young man and woman were killed here while camping in the forest. There is said to be a rock near the entrance that tells the story, but this may or may not be true. Some say the forest really got its name strictly because the Folks here have noticed an apparition of a man in blue jeans and a plaid flannel shirt with a tape measure on his belt.

He walked along the plaza, disappearing into a plywood wall. At the Mexican Restaurant Tortilla Flat, believed to be haunted, witnesses have seen strange phenomena such as shadow figures and objects that move about on their own. At Framingham State University, visitors may hear ghostly laughter or feel cold spots, and orbs are often photographed at Horace Mann Hall. And in Peirce Hall, residents have awoken to find all the mirrors in the rooms have been stacked outside in the hallways, piled with the reflective sides facing Make too much noise in the Peabody Institute's Library of Danvers, established in , and you may be shushed by a ghost.

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The apparition of an old man likes to sit in the research section on the third floor, and is known to shush loud library patrons. The fourth floor of Boston University's Shelton Hall is said to be haunted by playwright Eugene O'Neill, who spent his last years there. It was built in as a Sheraton Hotel and had been renamed the Shelton; the university bought in in Witnesses say the elevator works by Students of Pine Manor College say that the lights along the pathway near the Main House the administration building turn off as they get close, then turn on again as they pass by.

Mists have materialized in the nearby woods, and witnesses have noted a disconcerting feeling that something is The Civil War-era mansion known as the Cary House is private property, but it has a legend attached.

The daughter who lived here had two beaus on opposing sides of the war, and they happened to kill each other on the staircase. Rumor has it that on Mr. Charlesgate, built in , was bought by Boston University to use as a dorm in , and then was also used as a dorm by Emerson College through the late s. It's now a condo building. The Endicott Cemetery has three ghosts, locals say. Their identities are thought to be the spirits of the only three gravestones in the cemetery that haven't toppled over: Margaret and her two sons, Jeremy and Alex.

The public is not allowed here and No Trespassing signs are posted because of The Boston Conservatory, some say, is haunted. There have been numerous reports of footsteps, doors that slam themselves, disembodied voices, objects that go missing, and other strange phenomena, especially in the dorm buildings. Some attribute the activity to the fact that the place was an s hospital where many spirits Established in , Berklee College of Music has been attended by many famous musicians.

And it also has a haunted dorm, a s former apartment building that eventually was remodeled into the Sherry Biltmore Hotel. When the hotel caught fire in , started by a boy playing with matches, many Author Nathaniel Hawthorne claimed to have seen the ghost of the scholarly Reverend Harris at this historic library. At this hotel, rumored to be haunted, witnesses claim that doors open and close by themselves, lights turn on and off, and apparitions of folks in old-time clothing have been spotted.

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Voices have been heard as well in the lobby, restaurant and halls. Built in , the historic theater is said to be haunted by a former mayor of Boston who died during a performance, a little girl, and a married couple wearing turn-of-theth-century clothing. Witnesses have seen a ghostly gray figure walking alongside them and have felt unpleasant vibes from the forest down the hill. I am not here trying to convince you that the spirit world exists, you either believe or you dont.

You have your truths which are based on your life experiences and deductions from them, this book, these EVPs are my truth. I ask instead, that you suspend disbelief and join me in looking at an amazing and wonderful world. Coggers woods have always been there, the earliest maps show a rough swamp with the earliest roads completely avoiding it. The local history of the area is varied. The land itself, held once by some of the original settlers of the area, was sold off bit by bit till eventually it was bought by Patrick Cogger.

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Its an intensely personal story of one mans direct experiences with the spirit world. Its more than that, there are over 20 EVPs Electronic Voice Phenomena included alongside the book, these recordings of ghosts, in some cases confirm, in others deny and in all teach us of the spirit world and whats to come. Most of all, its a tale about Coggers. Buy The Book. He had his first supernatural experience at the age 8 — this is part of that story.

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A construction worker, published poet, energy worker and daily meditator, he lives in eastern Massachusetts. Coggers: A Transformation.