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According to police, the suspect didn't know his victim and wasn't from the trailer park where Michael lived with his family. Michael had been playing in the playground with his brother and some friends. Michael's brother attempted to rush him home to his parents.

The community and family have come together to help the family work through this difficult time. On Monday, there was a vigil at the playground for the young boy and a Go Fund Me campaign has been put together to help the family pay for funeral costs.

Sue Murphy. After over-working himself to the point where his health seriously deteriorated, the American comedian and film star died of pneumonia on August 19, He had the longest life of all the Marx brothers and once joked in an interview that his epitaph read: "Excuse me, I can't stand up. The reggae star uttered these last words to son Ziggy before he died aged 36 on May 11, The singer died of malignant melanoma, which was found in his toe in July He declined an amputation and the disease eventually spread to his lungs and brain.

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Hospitals Woman has clothes ripped from her as she's battered outside pub by 3 females The woman, named only as Jade, says she had her clothes torn from her and was repeatedly kicked in the face during the brutal assault in Cork, Ireland. It's difficult to see how it could be both, at the same time, but it shows the power that both these words have that the advertiser decided to use them together, as re-inforcement for each other. Magic is almost interchangeable with power, but it also suggests that an objective can be reached without effort.

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This appeals to both the lazy like me and the impetuous who want to attain their goal immediately. There is a natural tendency to assume that any one who makes his living in Advertising and Promotion must know something that is hidden from the rest of the world.

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Immediate, of course suggests that something can be done instantly. This again appeals to the sense of urgency, and has a magic-like ring to it. Insider suggests that the writer has information that cannot be known to the world at large, therefore if you will only pay for this you can attain an edge on the rest of the competition.

Look carefully at your product and think of all the reasons that I, or anyone else would benefit by owning it.