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Jeannie and Bonney gave us our first gig. And our second. Please believe that the swagger, confidence and, yes, humility we learned from slugging it out at TT's served us well, and we continued to play small shows there at every opportunity until the band split in In , Jeanne was diagnosed with cancer and the Boston music community came together to help her with her medical costs. Everyone in Letters to Cleo happened to be in town, and we decided with a few hours' notice, not having played a note together in nearly 10 years, to jump onstage and wing it for the lady who gave us every chance we ever got in our early days.

A year later, Jeanne passed. I don't think I can possibly overstate how much that woman meant, not just to me, but the entire Boston music scene. By extension, maybe the American '90s alt-rock revolution owes a debt beyond valuation to her balls, kindness and passionate dedication to bands and fans alike. She loved me and I loved her. We greeted each other with the warmth and closeness of sisters every time I walked through the giant wooden doors of TT's.

If you had to count how many times that was, it would easily be into the hundreds. She has issued apologies for this and there have been calls, from some organizations, for her to resign. While I find the skit — wearing blackface as in some type of minstrel show — quite offensive, I have to point out that this incident happened more than 50 years ago.

words ending with "kay"

In reality, this type of thing was quite acceptable in Alabama at that time. If Gov. Rather, we should look at their recent history when forming an opinion. In her column in the Aug. She maintains that Gov. She suggests that Gov. Wallace gave tacit support to these actions by failing to publicly condemn racist attacks and bombings.

She grudgingly accepts that Gov. Wallace ultimately had a change of heart and apologized for his actions. That blacks supported his election in was evidence that some had forgiven him. Further evidence can be seen in the list of candidates for mayor in the election that was just held in Montgomery, and by noting who our current sheriff and chief of police are.

She sarcastically refers to George Wallace Jr. George Wallace Jr.

"Three Small Words" - JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS Reunion - Artist: Kay Hanley (Letters to Cleo)

Well we will have to endure another runoff election for mayor and city council in Montgomery What an incredible journey this has been! Letters from the Heart has developed from half-formed ideas sketched out on legal pads to a novella length story and it all happened almost without my noticing.

The initial story had been complete and available online for years and aside from periodic reviews had become something that I rarely thought of, despite my abiding affection for it.

Josie & The Pussycats Are Way More Than A Fictional Band — Just Ask Kay Hanley - MTV

Then I received an email from Amy and Jan at Quills and Quartos asking if I would be interested in publishing my story. I squealed like a fangirl, grabbed my husband for a celebratory hug, and wrote what I hoped would be a coherent acceptance. Then came the request for more words, twelve-thousand or so of them. More words? I came up with all sorts of complicated and convoluted ideas.

I would finally have a chance to write some of the scenes that had previously only happened in my head. Since the majority of my story is told in letter format, there is much that happens off-the-page. When I first started writing Letters from the Heart, I knew that once Darcy and Elizabeth were free to be together, they would already be at least half in love.

Since there would be no formal calls, I had to find a way to show the reader the growing affection between the pair.

Letters to Cleo's Kay Hanley Bids Farewell to Iconic Boston Rock Club TT the Bear's Place

What we see in LFH are two people who come to know each other primarily through their mutual connections. Even though Elizabeth is married and there initially seems to be no hope for change, Darcy spends the better part of his time conducting an indirect courtship. It is that deep and abiding love I wanted to shine through this story.

Kay Bea is an administrative assistant and Jane Austen lover living in Kansas City with her husband of twenty-five years, her mother-in-law, and her fur kids. She has written several short stories and drabbles on fanfiction. Kay grew up in Wyoming, enjoyed a two-year adventure in Maryland, and now calls Missouri home. To be eligible, just comment on any of the blog tour stops.

One need not visit all the stops one point per stop and comment , however, it does increase your chances of winning by earning more entry points. I love that their love story unfolds through letters. Congrats on the release and thanks for the giveaway! Another great post about this book! The more I read the more I want to read the whole thing! I hope Mr Collins suffers a suitable punishment along with Mrs Bennet? Writing letters to a lovedone is so special, wish it happened more these days.

I love stories with letters, and this book looks very good.

Letter tells of ‘impressions of D-Day’ and moments before it

Choosing to write Letters from the Heart in epistolary format is very intriguing because not many authors would attempt it. Her current husband needs to die for them to have a chance at happiness as divorce is very rare and frowned upon on.

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