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Waking associations: The mists are the mists of Avalon, the Other-world, my mother rules the waves. She looks like my biological mother, but it's the Goddess of the waters, the moon, Hecate, protector of sailors. Dream : I am dressed in the uniform of an officer, a marine engineer in the Royal Navy.

I am walking toward a building, I carry under my arm a scroll of red and white blueprints. Waking associations. I was asked to do a dream workshop at a healing center for a Yukon Canadian First Nation.

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The red and white blueprints are their own traditional stories, myths, and legends. I am going to use their own myths to help them navigate the ocean of the inner world. They are shipwrecked sailors. They have lost their compass. Guess whose Navy I'm in? Beautiful just beautiful. I listened on high with head phones after about 10 mins a tear suddenly came down, it seemed like a awakening tear ty for this i will listen daily. Why in every meditation I made I always see myself as a goddess taking a bath in a gold liquid????

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