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Nevertheless he has a distinguished place in the story of precocious children, and in the much more limited chapter of children whose precocity has been followed by great performance at maturity, though he never became what is called a learned man, perhaps did not know Greek, and was pretty certainly indebted for most of his miscellaneous reading to Montaigne. Sometimes this action is exerted upon the finer grasses, irri- but happily also upon some of the less profitable constituents of the miscellaneous herbage.

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In the garrets was his library, a large and miscellaneous collection of books, falling to pieces and begrimed with dust. But Ray's influence and reputation have depended largely upon his two books entitled The Wisdom of God manifested in the Works of the Creation , and Miscellaneous Discourses concerning the Dissolution and Changes of the World Of Egyptian miscellaneous writers two of the most celebrated are Ibn Daqiq al-id, d.

Other writers whose names connect the age of romanticism with a later period were Meyer Aron Goldschmidt , author of novels and tales; Herman Frederik Ewald , who wrote a long series of historical novels; Jens Christian Hostrup , a writer of exquisite comedies; and the miscellaneous writer Erik Biigh His purely journalistic activity was from the first of a varied description, ranging from sparkling " leaders " for the Daily News to miscellaneous articles for the Morning Post, and for many years he was literary editor of Longman's Magazine; no critic was in more request, whether for occasional articles and introductions to new editions or as editor of dainty reprints.

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After his retirement from active politics Lord Rosebery continually displayed his great qualities as a public speaker by eloquent and witty addresses on miscellaneous subjects. In miscellaneous metal trades, embracing tinplate goods, wire workers, makers of stoves, grates, ranges and fire-arms, makers of bolts, nuts, rivets, screws and staples, and those occupied in several subsidiary trades, the number of operatives in amounted to 13, On the 19th of March he delivered at the Royal Institution a public lecture the only one he ever gave on the Influence of Women on the Progress of Knowledge, which was published in Fraser's Magazine for April , and reprinted in the first volume of the Miscellaneous and Posthumous Works.

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The review appeared in Fraser's Magazine, May , and is to be found also in the Miscellaneous and Posthumous Works Large quantities of miscellaneous imports are sent by Germany, Spain, France and Italy. Indeed the 19th 1 This comparison is made in full realization of the fact that the Bordeaux record is a dry catalogue, and that Fabri's work is swelled by the miscellaneous gossip and " padding " which makes it one of the most delightful books ever written in the middle ages.

He was also, though he deplored the conduct of the militants, a decided supporter of woman suffrage; and he took an active interest in, and lent a helping hand to, many social movements, the Working Men's College, Toynbee Hall, the Hampstead Garden Suburb, Children's Country Holidays, the Shakespeare National Memorial, as well as to a number of miscellaneous church societies. Crowds of petty traders attend, bringing all those miscellaneous articles that can be packed into a pedlar's wallet; and the neighbouring villagers look forward to the occasion to satisfy alike their curiosity and their household wants.

Of this total about 92 millions are for interest on railways and other public works, 5 millions for pensions and furlough pay for civil and military officers, 22 millions for stores and 12 millions miscellaneous. MATTING, a general term embracing many coarse woven or plaited fibrous materials used for covering floors or furniture, for hanging as screens, for wrapping up heavy merchandise and for other miscellaneous purposes. As a result of these improvements land and timber values have markedly risen, and great impetus has been given to traffic on the rivers, which carry a large part of the cotton, lumber, coal, stone, hay and miscellaneous freights of the state.

These were mainly 1 the national land-tax geldum , paid on a fixed assessment, 2 certain miscellaneous dues, 3 the proceeds of the crown lands. The Franciscans had no sympathy for profane knowledge, even among the Mexicans, - sometimes publicly burning quantities of books of a scientific or miscellaneous nature; and the reading of Fenelon's Telemaque brought excommunications on a layman.

She became a contributor to various magazines and newspapers, and besides many miscellaneous works she wrote eight novels, the most successful of which were Debenham's Vow and Lord Brackenbury After the death of his father in young Liszt led the life of a teacher of the pianoforte in Paris, got through a good deal of miscellaneous reading, and felt the influence of the religious, literary and political aspirations of the time. In the case of Tearchus, the miscellaneous levies which he employed himself and those which composed the Egyptian and Assyrian armies opposed to him, and the lands that Egypt and Ethiopia traded with, must all have been counted, partly through misunderstanding, partly through wilful perversion, to his empire.

The rest of his life was spent in incessant controversy - theological, mathematical, chronological and miscellaneous. When due regard is paid to these miscellaneous evidences of intellectual and sensual freedom during the middle ages, it will be seen that there were by no means lacking elements of native vigour ready to burst forth. One mass of Greek and Roman erudition, including history and metaphysics, law and science, civic institutions and the art of war, mythology and magistracies, metrical systems and oratory, agriculture and astronomy, domestic manners and religious rites, grammar and philology, biography and numismatics, formed the miscellaneous subject-matter of this so-styled rhetoric.

Notes taken at these lectures supplied young scholars with hints for further exploration; and a certain tradition of treating antique authors for the display of general learning, as well as for the elucidation of their texts, came into vogue, which has determined the method of scholarship for the last three centuries in Europe. Escheats and lapsed legacies caduca were further miscellaneous sources of gain to the state. There is extant a short preface to this division of the work, and according to Spedding, some of the miscellaneous treatises, such as Cogitationes de Natura may probably have been intended to be included under this head.

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Thus the Roman edition contains of metrical works exegetical discourses, hymns on the Nativity of Christ, 65 hymns against heretics, 85 on the Faith against sceptics, a discourse against the Jews, 85 funeral hymns, 4 on free-will, 76 exhortations to repentance, 12 hymns on paradise, and 12 on miscellaneous subjects. Numerous miscellaneous examples of the intimate relationship between the Rabbinical and older oriental material will be found in H. And if at the very end of his stormy career he really found time and inclination to write anything of this nature, we may wonder why it was not included in the considerable and somewhat miscellaneous volume of his works, or at least mentioned in the chapters which relate to his public activity after the catastrophe.

He developed a taste for literature, and his miscellaneous works include The Savages of Europe London, , a satire on the English which he translated from the French, and Anecdotes Ancient and Modern London, , an amusing collection of gossip. Olof Wexionius ? In , along with some friends, he began a publication entitled Miscellaneous Observations on Authors Ancient and Modern, which appeared at intervals during two years.

He also made accurate measurements and a plan of the Hellenistic temple, found many inscriptions and a few miscellaneous antiquities, and had begun to explore the Precinct, when the great expense and other considerations induced the trustees of the British Museum to suspend his operations in To complete the list of his miscellaneous works, two collections of pieces, written and partly published at different times, may be mentioned.

But his chief work, the labour of fully twenty years, is entitled Dell' origine, progressi, e stato attuale d'ogni Letteratura 7 vols.

All three codes contain a somewhat miscellaneous collection of laws; all alike commence with regulations as to the place of sacrifice and close with an exhortation. That Middleton was prepared to carry this type of argument into the apostolic period is shown by certain posthumous essays Miscellaneous Works, ii. Prayers for Private Houses and Miscellaneous Prayers, e.

The contents of the first part are, as might be expected, miscellaneous enough, and consist chiefly of stories chosen to show the valour of Louis, his piety, his justice, his personal temperance, and so forth. This singular romance is diversified by, or, to speak more properly, it is the vehicle of the most bewildering abundance of digression, burlesque amplification, covert satire on things political, social and religious, miscellaneous erudition of the literary and scientific kind.

In Italian we possess the Canzoniere, which includes odes and sonnets written for Laura during her lifetime, those written for her after her death, and a miscellaneous section containing the three patriotic odes and three famous poetical invectives against the papal court. An important part of his work was contained in his Vorlesungen fiber mathematische Physik , in which the principles of dynamics, as well as various special problems, were treated in a somewhat novel and original manner.

Among the miscellaneous powers of an urban council with respect to streets may be mentioned the power to widen or improve, and certain powers incorporated from the Towns Improvement Clauses Act , with respect to naming streets, numbering houses, improving the line of streets, removing obstructions, providing protection in respect of ruinous or dangerous buildings, and requiring precautions to be taken during the construction and repair of sewers, streets and houses.

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This effort made under the direction of the Bureau of Education has been eminently successful, and in the future the reindeer seems certain to contribute very greatly to the food, clothing, means of shelter and miscellaneous industries of the natives; and not less to the solution of the problems of communication and transportation throughout the interior. Of drawings there are very many, including few only for the "Last Supper," many for the Sforza monument, as well as the multitude of sketches, scientific and other, which we find intermingled among the vast body of his miscellaneous MSS.

Robertson's published works include five volumes of sermons, two volumes of expository lectures, on Genesis and on the epistles to the Corinthians, a volume of miscellaneous addresses, and an Analysis of "In Memoriam. The principal crops are wheat, oats, hay, fruits, hops, potatoes and miscellaneous vegetables. Miscellaneous crops: sugar-cane, requiring a rich soil and a perennial water-supply, and only grown in favoured localities, red pepper, potatoes, turmeric and tobacco.

His Miscellaneous Writings, first published in , appeared in an enlarged edition 2 vols. Among De Morgan's miscellaneous writings may be mentioned his Explanation of the Gnomonic Projection of the Sphere, , including a description of the maps of the stars, published by the Useful Know ledge Society; his Treatise on the Globes, Celestial and Terrestrial,, and his remarkable [[Book]] of Almanacks 2nd edition, , which contains a series of thirty-five almanacs, so arranged with indices of reference, that the almanac for any year, whether in old style or new, from any epoch, ancient or modern, up to A.

In addition to numerous articles, published chiefly in the North American Review, of which he was the editor from to , he wrote: Europe, or a General Survey of the Political Situation of the Principal Powers, with Conjectures on their Future Prospects , which attracted considerable attention in Europe and was translated into German, French and Spanish; New Ideas on Population ; America, or a General Survey of the Political Situation of the Several Powers of the Western Continent, with Conjectures on their Future Prospects , which was translated into several European languages; a volume of Poems ; and Critical and Miscellaneous Essays first series, ; second series, Two examples of the very miscellaneous contents of the book will suffice to show the different literary strata of which it is composed.

There are also miscellaneous writings of Locke first published in the biographies of Lord King and of Mr Fox Bourne The students of the university he taught in daily lectures, passing in review the weightiest and lightest authors of antiquity, and pouring forth a flood of miscellaneous erudition. He wrote Recollections of Lord Byron , and several novels, plays and miscellaneous works. These groupings were kept in the original order that Sower arranged them. A list of some of his topics for each year's work is included in the folder descriptions.

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There is one separate folder of Sower family papers. XIII, No. Why Do Teen-Agers Drink? March 1, April 17, Should the Community of Okemos become a City? This material is not in chronological order. HB , relating to the prevention of certain discriminatory employment practices.

Marriner S. Eccles papers, 1910-1985

Miscellaneous, including Police Corps, Mr. Roosevelt Jackson. Relating to the election of the Board of Trustees of certain school districts; adding section Relating to the designation of certain public school administrators as deputy voter registrars:. HB , relating to prevention of certain discriminatory practices in employment and creating a human relations division of the Department of Labor and Standards.

House administration, "Austerity Recommendations," plus draft. Address listings, workshop participants, Black activists. Dallas hotel and motel tax ordinance, Education legislation newsclippings, Legislation, final action report on bills sent to governor. Democratic State Convention, September , Redistricting, court cases, congressional redistricting.

Campaign contributions and expenditures, January News releases for week of August , Campaign materials, financial statement, Paul Ragsdale: reports, record of accomplishments. Carbon copies of letters from this office, DISD: Board members' failure to satisfy residency requirements. Election State Rep. District , Reed and Rose vs. Ragsdale Correspondence: request and replies, redistricting information, East Texas Project.

Analysis of present plan, ED map, population data sheet. II, News articles concerning discrimination, employment, Ragsdale. Crossroads Community Center interview instructions and forms, Reporting of monitoring and evaluation of Crossroads Community Center, Crossroads Community Center Board by-laws, committees etc. Crossroads Community Center articles and clippings, Crossroads Community Center interim core services program, undated.

Advent of single-member districts for Jacksonville, TX, A report of the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization, Note: Paul Ragsdale was a member of the band The Escorts from Lovell,