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I. A Broken Office

I got into public service because of your book. But not everyone has capsized their lives to contribute, she says. The most important thing any of us can do is support ourselves and be financially independent, and make sure t hat we have the flexibility to make those changes when we want to. Go every Monday night from 7 to 8 to volunteer.

The Third Presidential Debate

Make people start to see how reliable you are, how engaged you are, and that they can count on you. I know Barack Obama would've. I know Hillary would've. Donald Trump certainly wasn't going to. Nikki Haley, a Republican, stands a good chance of being elected as the first female governor of South Carolina. She too is a convert to Christianity, a fact the former Sikh makes clear on her website. For many Americans, however, a candidate's faith is extremely important because it can give a hint to his or her beliefs, said Tom Minnery, senior vice president for Focus on the Family , an evangelical organization that promotes its causes in politics.

And that is God, not government. Those are key beliefs.

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Some founding fathers, such as Thomas Jefferson, had complicated relationships with religion that would be more difficult for voters to stomach today. But Lincoln often quoted the Bible and referred to God.

There have been some notable runs for the presidency by non-Christians: Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman , who is devoutly Jewish, was votes in Florida in from being the first non-Christian vice president.

Junior Senator (IL); President-Elect

But he failed miserably when he ran for president himself. Mormon Mitt Romney, the Republican former Governor of Massachusetts, who failed to get the Republican nomination in , will test the Protestant lock on the presidency if he runs again for president in There is growing religious diversity in Congress, where the election saw the first-ever elections of both a Muslim, Rep.

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Keith Ellison of Minnesota, and two Buddhists in Reps. Hank Johnson, D-Ga. The proportion of Muslims in Congress -- 0. Ellison caused a stir in when he was sworn into office on a Quran instead of a Bible.

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  • The Pew study shows a similar correlation among Protestants, broadly, who make up about 51 percent of the population and 54 percent of Congress. Catholics are better represented in Congress, 30 percent, than they are in the population, 24 percent. Six percent of federal lawmakers are Jewish to their 1.

    Does Obama Want to Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground? | Time

    Mormon's are 2. The most underrepresented faith group in the Pew study is unaffiliated, which claims no lawmakers, but 16 percent of the population. Five lawmakers don't specify their religion and one of those is Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif. Faircloth of the Secular Coalition of America said, "The ultimate victory for all Americans would be that we simply don't talk about it.

    Focus on the Family's Minnery said that kind of wholesale divorce between religion and politics cannot happen in the United States because politicians are more than happy, in many cases, to advertise their religion to voters.

    Complete Transcript of McCain, Obama Abortion Debate Remarks

    A study by Trinity College showed that 15 percent of Americans have no religion, but the number is far higher, 22 percent, among people Having no religion is the fastest growing religious group in the United States, according to the Trinity study. Minnery rejects the idea that there is a Christian litmus test in American politics. So it's not hard to find a home in that wide spectrum. Proving the point, Minnery accepts that Obama is Christain but disagrees, he said, with him on many policy issues. We are disappointed that he does not embrace more of the biblical principles such as the value of unborn life.

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    On this and many other issues, Minnery and Obama are divided, even though they share the same God. All rights reserved. The Constitution enshrines clearly that religion should not matter. Would America Vote for a Non-Christian?