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A Yearlong Adventure

Would the first spies, 40 years prior, have had the courage and trust in God to take the risks that these men did? How could anyone who doubted the calling of Joshua still doubt when God stopped the Jordan when he stepped into the water and then directed the priests with the ark to do the same? The Reubenites, Gadites, and the half tribe of Manasseh already had their land, their families and livestock were there, and they had built some fortifications. Now they would be gone for months or years alongside the other tribes.

As frightened of the Israelites as were the people of Jericho, Rahab recognized God as supreme and that her self-interest in serving those who served Him, so she chose to side with God.

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Almost a million people crossed the Jordan on dry land in the middle of flood-stage season - no man other than Caleb and Joshua who was of military age or older was alive when the people crossed the Red Sea. When have you been faced with a major change — how did the sudden reality of it wash over you emotionally?

When have you been faced with an awkward and unexpected circumstance where God is clearly working and you had to act in faith despite great risk? How did things work out?

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When have you observed God making His presence known in an unmistakable way? Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what He has planned for you to do in His service in the near future. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal an opportunity for you to serve someone who is serving Him.

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Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you how He has gone-ahead to clear the way for the ministry He has chosen for you. Today I will prepare myself in prayer and be certain that I have good stewardship of my resources so that I may serve the Lord wherever and however He calls. Today I will prayerfully agree to partner with the Holy Spirit in support of someone to whom He has assigned a ministry, I will do so with full confidence and trust in God, and I will do so to the best of my ability.

I will do so prayerfully and in consultation with one who is Biblically qualified as an elder. For the Lord had sworn a solemn oath to them that he would not let them see the land he had sworn on oath to give them, a land rich in milk and honey. They were uncircumcised; their fathers had not circumcised them along the way. Now I have arrived! No one was allowed to leave or enter. On the seventh day march around the city seven times, while the priests blow the horns. Then the city wall will collapse and the warriors should charge straight ahead.

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Then they went back to the camp and spent the night there. They did this six days in all. If you take any of it, you will make the Israelite camp subject to annihilation and cause a disaster. The wall collapsed and the warriors charged straight ahead into the city and captured it. They brought out her whole family and took them to a place outside the Israelite camp.

She lives in Israel to this very day because she hid the messengers Joshua sent to spy on Jericho. He will lose his firstborn son when he lays its foundations and his youngest son when he erects its gates! Lord, You are the power and we are Your tools, what You say will be will be. May Joshua be one of my Biblical role models for faithful service to You. While all of the men of age to serve in the military at the time of the exodus had been circumcised, they and the elderly men died in the 40 years of wandering, but the younger men had never been circumcised. The Lord God instructed Joshua to have them circumcised as they were ritually unclean.

After a time of healing the people then celebrated Passover and ate of the local food — at which time the Manna ceased to fall and never was seen again. What appeared to the eyes of Joshua to be a man appeared before him with a sword, so Joshua issued the common challenge, are you friend or foe. The bring answered that He was the commander of the armies of God. The implied message was that He was on the side of God, and therefore on the side of whoever was faithful to Him. Therefore, this suggests that Joshua was in the presence of either Jesus or the Holy Spirit.

The Lord God then instructed Joshua to have the priests with the ark lead a silent procession around Jericho for six days, then on the seventh to make the circle seven times immediately concluded with a battle cry from the soldiers — at which moment He would cause the walls to collapse and the soldiers could charge directly into the city. And as the Lord God had planned, his chosen leader for the Israelites — Joshua — became well-known as a symbol of the people of God who were blessed by God with victory that day..

The Lord God made clear that the victory was His and His chosen instruments were Joshua and the priests and not the might of an army or special weapons. As the priests and army marched around Jericho what may have been the emotions and thoughts of the already-terrified residents of Jericho, the priests and soldiers for whom this was an unusual exercise, and of the watching Israelites? Only later, presumably once appropriate boundaries were established, were they allowed to take up residence among the Israelites.

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you a place in your life where He intends to do a miracle and where it will be clear that no man was responsible.

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It may be Him leading me victory over a sin, Him using me to walk alongside another in such a victory, the salvation of one or more, the restoration of a prodigal, healing, or whatever He chooses. Achan son of Carmi, son of Zabdi, son of Zerah, from the tribe of Judah, stole some of the riches. The Lord was furious with the Israelites. About two or three thousand men are adequate to defeat Ai. Why did you bring these people across the Jordan to hand us over to the Amorites so they could destroy us? O Lord, what can I say now that Israel has retreated before its enemies?

What will you do to protect your great reputation? Why are you lying there face down?

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They have taken some of the riches; they have stolen them and deceitfully put them among their own possessions. I will no longer be with you, unless you destroy what has contaminated you. You will not be able to stand before your enemies until you remove what is contaminating you. The tribe the Lord selects must approach by clans. The clan the Lord selects must approach by families. The family the Lord selects must approach man by man. He made the clan of the Zerahites approach and Zabdi was selected. I have sinned against the Lord God of Israel in this way: I saw among the goods we seized a nice robe from Babylon, two hundred silver pieces, and a bar of gold weighing fifty shekels.

I wanted them, so I took them. They are hidden in the ground right in the middle of my tent with the silver underneath.

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  • The things were hidden right in his tent, with the silver underneath. The Lord will bring disaster on you today! They also stoned and burned the others. So that place is called the Valley of Disaster to this very day. Take the whole army with you and march against Ai! See, I am handing over to you the king of Ai, along with his people, city, and land. Set an ambush behind the city! Joshua selected thirty thousand brave warriors and sent them out at night. When they come out to fight us like before, we will retreat from them. The Lord your God will hand it over to you.

    Do as the Lord says!