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  3. They came from Italy. Now, they outnumber us all.;

The catacombs supplied imperishable food and herbs to help the Lizard people to live for a long time underground. He also learned that the Lizard people had a mode to their infrastructure plan. They believed lizards symbolized longevity. Thus, they designed a city grid that was in the shape of a lizard. There was something else that Shufelt learned from the Chief. Consultation with Chief Greenleaf led to another crucial search for clues. The underground city's catacombs contained gold tablets. It's not clear if Shufelt knew he found the 37 tablets that the Chief claimed were there before he consulted with him.

However, in the Times article he stated that his device found them. To start his excavation he chose Fort Moore Hill near downtown. In part, Greenleaf had advised him to look for the city near a series of hills. And, according to later reports, Greenleaf had supplied the map this is still up for debate. Fort Moore Hill 's colorful history is a story in its own right. It once held an abandoned military fort that dated back to the days of the Mexican-American War. Over the years, it had gone through several incarnations -- including a site for several failed gold mines.

Shufelt convinced the city to allow him to excavate the hill off of North Hill Street.

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  • There, he and his assistants drilled feet below the surface, hoping to find the tunnels. However, the search yielded nothing but mud and water. It was later revealed that he drilled through undetected water table and flooded the caverns if they existed.

    The flooding ultimately ended Shufelt's attempt to find the lost city -- and to prove his X-Ray device worked.

    Lizard's Tale

    There has been a lot confusion about the physical characteristics of the Lizard People of Los Angeles. Without any definitive evidence, there's no way of knowing what they looked like or if they existed, at all. However, Hopi tales about the people indicate that they were purely humans who happen to worship lizards. They believed that lizards symbolized longevity. Many Internet sites have made outlandish claims that the people were reptoids -- that is a human-lizard hybrid. Oddly enough, this concept may have been influenced by a British fringe conspiracy theorist David Icke.

    Icke's claim to fame is that the world is being secretly run by lizard-like humanoids. This belief is unrelated to the Lizard People of Los Angeles. Still, many website that follow Icke's belief have used it as "proof" of its existence. Ultimately, Shufelt's attempt failed to produce definitive evidence. The excavation quickly ended and faded into the city's history. Even Shufelt and his device became obscure footnotes to the city's lore. But, the legend of the Lizard People endured, despite a lack of evidence. It became part of the city's mythology.

    Eventually, it would be presented again on the Internet and become an urban legend for a new generation.

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    Also, some people still believe that the Lizard People really existed. However, that search is not in the middle of the City of Angels. It has moved on to other places such as the region surrounding Northern California's Mount Shasta. Since that fateful day in January , many things have changed. The city grew exponentially, spreading across the massive basin, hills, beaches, canyons and mountains. Eventually, it became the 2 nd largest city in the United States, boasting enclaves of Mexican, Central American, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Jewish and Armenian neighborhoods to name a few throughout the metropolitan area.

    The city and its suburbs have become one of the most diversified cities in the country. The two battled while Spidey incapacitated the Lizard with a chemically treated webbing which restored the Lizard back to his human form. Now cured Doc Connors reversed the effects of the device returning the dinosaurs to bone. When Spider-Man was attached to a bomb with J Jonah Jameson they went to Doc Connors for help, however, the police spot Spider-Man and Jameson entering through a window and burst into Connor's lab to investigate just as Connors was examining the device.

    Doc Connor tried to use the Enervator to help remove the Lizard condition that was in his system and tested it on an Iguana. Unfortunately, the Iguana became mutated and turned into a creature with the memories of the Lizard. He was defeated when Spider-Man used a portable Enervator to increase his power while decreasing the Lizards. With his power over increased it seemed as if the Iguana exploded, but in reality, he was transformed back into his original form. In one of his classes, Doc Connors noticed Peter Parker acting strange even snapping at him.

    Soon after Peter turns into Spider-Lizard but Connors creates an antidote and saves him. Moonstone broke into Curt Connors lab to seal the Enervator. But it was returned by Spider-Man. Morris Sloan then walked into the lab while Curt and Spider-Man are there with the recently marked first-year final papers and Spidey managed to see that he has got an A on the test. The Lizard was abducted from prison by the omnipotent being known as the Beyonder to fight the so-called Secret Wars on Battleworld , after which he returned to Earth.

    On the origin of the lizards

    Curt Connors became the Lizard again to rescue his wife and son from the Owl. Billy and Martha tried to find him. Lizard arrived and fought the demons. After stopping the demons, Lizard attacked his family himself but Spidey arrived and dosed him with an antidote that, due to the demonic nature of this transformation, has no effect. He then shocks him with a power cable that turns him back to Connors.

    Afraid for their safety, Curt tells Martha and Billy they must leave him.

    The Lizard was summoned again by a ritual, more ferocious the ever. The Lizard traveled to the Connors' apartment during Billy's birthday party. Claiming he can maintain his Curt Connors consciousness with extreme concentration, the Lizard scratched Billy's face with his claw.

    Spidey attacks, allowing the Lizard persona to take over again, but Billy's presence scares the Lizard off, Spidey tags him with a spider-tracer. As Spidey pursues, Billy follows on his new skateboard, then into the sewer, carrying a knife with which to kill the Lizard. Arriving at Connors' lair, Spidey's spider-sense tells him that Ock's equipment is booby-trapped, even as the Lizard explains he scratched Billy to get a DNA sample.

    When Spidey tries to warn him of the booby-trap, the Lizard persona takes over. Their battle collapses a ceiling onto Spidey.

    A little lizard in Puerto Rico is adapting quickly to big-city life

    Spidey frees himself, but the Lizard is already in his machine. Spidey uses a spider-tracer to jam the frequency, which restores Connors, apparently cured of his Lizard condition. Seeing his dad, Billy drops the knife and tells him he loves him. Several witnesses come forward in defense of Connors, including his own son, Spider-Man, and his alter-ego Peter Parker. At the end of the trial, however, Connors surrenders himself to the court by waiving his right to trial by jury.

    He suggests that he be locked up, but that he be given a laboratory in prison from which to work. He suggests that he can better pay back his debt to society by using his scientific genius to positively contribute rather than surrender to banal incarceration.

    All 58 Marvel Movies Ranked, Including 'Spider-Man: Far From Home'

    The court agrees, Connors says goodbye to his wife and son, and he is taken away by the guards. Calypso returned to take control of the Lizard but was killed, and the Lizard escaped from prison. After this escape, the Lizard fell into a quicksand pit during a battle with Spider-Man and the bounty hunter Warrant and was believed to have died. Sometimes, however, when under stress Connors reverted back into the Lizard. Her death caused Curt to revert into the Lizard and Spider-Man was forced to track down his friend once again.

    The Lizard went peacefully to jail after killing a scientist who won what could have been his research grant but was freed by Norman Osborn to join the Sinister Twelve , but was defeated by combined forces of Daredevil , the Fantastic Four and the Avengers.