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Twin sons were born, Esau and Jacob, each of whom projected his own rejected qualities upon the other so that the two became rivals. After his nighttime Shadow wrestle, Jacob is ready to reunite with Esau, who embraces him and reconciles. Refusing to face the hidden Shadow in ourselves and our society, instead we project them onto others, a strategy which can multiply suffering and evil in our world. Instead of the rejecting our personal and societal shadow, instead of making others into scapegoats, we are invited to the hard work of integrating all parts of ourselves and all the multi-faceted truth of our history and society.

For our Shadow also contains life-affirming creative impulses. When we fully enter our darkness with faith that God will be with us in the Valley of the deepest Shadow : we are ready to greet the light:. When does God bring light in the night?

The Darkness and the Dawn by Charles Swindoll | Koorong

Though it is night, there is the light of the moon, and the stars. Then when is it really dark? Just before dawn! After the moon sets and the stars set and the planets vanish, there is no darkness deeper than the hour before the dawn, and in that hour the Blessed Holy One answers the world and all that is in it: out of the darkness, God brings forth the dawn and gives light to the world. LIsten to a song about Evening , or return to the Gateway of Darkness.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It in no way detracts from the story for me. Read this back when I was in high school, I think.

Jul 03, Christopher rated it it was amazing. This took me a while to read entirely due to lack of free time.

The Darkness and the Dawn

However, I loved every page. Excellently written and I highly recommend reading this tale of Attila the Hun. Dec 28, Jean rated it it was amazing. Feb 11, Calla rated it it was amazing. The capricious nature of Attila the Hun is intelligently portrayed through interactions with the characters in this novel, providing a good grasp to this reader who is otherwise unfamiliar with this historical figure.

Dec 09, Julia rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , historical-fiction , z-format-book.

Somewhere between the Darkness and the Dawn...

I received this book as a giveaway and was surprised at the general age of the book since it is nowhere new. But I am very fortunate to have been given a chance to read this book so I can carry it forth into the age where older books seem to more or less vanish into the past. The author does an amazing job to hold such a big book of characters and events together.

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He does an even more wonderful job in weaving the characters together, giving them strong personalities and bringing to life a time I received this book as a giveaway and was surprised at the general age of the book since it is nowhere new. He does an even more wonderful job in weaving the characters together, giving them strong personalities and bringing to life a time when the world was holding its breath between the clash of its world leaders while others struggled to survive both the world and life in general.

The writing is simple and easy to follow even when it seems to twist upon itself. The motives are easy to follow although giving an occasional surprise that you don't see coming and it is spellbounding so you just want to keep on diving into the pages to see how the story is turning out. And unlike many authors Mr. Costain doesn't truly end his book. He gives the historical facts of those characters that had real breath and as for his own he just shrugs off as if by narrating the main plot that was all he was entailed to do.

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  • He implies what may have occurred to those fictitious personas that you have followed but that is all that it is a vague hint. The main reason I didn't give it 5 stars is since there were parts that were slightly dull but with the size of the book they weren't too many. There were other faces that I would have enjoyed to see stretched upon but I could see the difficulties that it would make.

    Still all in all it was a great book to enjoy and a new favorite. Mar 10, Elizabeth Gibbs rated it really liked it Shelves: four-and-a-half-star. I ended up loving this book! The beginning was slow and I was having trouble keeping up with all of the characters, but I kept reading and was greatly rewarded.

    • The Darkness and the Dawn by Thomas B. Costain.
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    • Darkness at Dawn.
    • I learned a lot about Attila the Hun and some of the other characters from history, but I also fell in love with the fictional character Nicolan. I love that unusual name! Thomas B. Costain weaves a fabulous story of heartache and triumph through Nicolan's life and the love of his life, Ildico. Aug 13, Jim rated it really liked it. A great historical novel--which I read before. Set in the 5th C. Jan 21, Hannah rated it did not like it Shelves: all-time-favorites. This book took awhile for me to get into, but as soon as I did I couldn't put it down.

      Very few books are rich like this one. I loved the details and the story line.

      Enter the Darkness to Greet the Dawn

      This book is beautifully written and will always be one of my favorites. It has so much to offer the reader. Aug 17, Anne rated it it was amazing Shelves: horses , historical , europe , romance. I have read this book at least 3 times. I have a copy I have had for years,. It is a wonderful story during early Christianity and with Attila the Hun and wonderful characters. Plus beautiful horses for thehorse lovers like me.

      Highly recommended. Jul 16, Vicky rated it really liked it Shelves: His historicals are still as good as the present ones. Jun 01, Calwriter rated it really liked it. Nice historical yarn. Jun 11, Barb in Maryland rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-fiction. Attilla the Hun. Jun 07, Abby rated it liked it Shelves: three-star. This is one of a fairly large category: embarrassing historical novels I totally enjoyed. But really, the plot is decent, the writing's okay, and the characters could be worse. This was my first historical novel. I fell in love with it.

      Thomas Contain captures the true essence of the times. Great read. Apr 10, Anna rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. Get to know Attila the Hun, a former Roman slave and his childhood friend, a beautiful blonde who raises amazing horses.

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      War, racing, and love. Read 4 times. May 29, Cynthia Nichols rated it really liked it. Rollicking old fashioned romantic adventure novel. Starts off kinda slow and takes a while to set up all the characters, but worth it. Sep 12, Jo rated it liked it. A good read, interesting, however not as intriguing as some of Costain's other books. Nov 09, Judy added it Shelves: fic-historical. Soon after I got out of school, I went through a Costain phase. I read and enjoyed many of his books, but unfortunately, I don't remember them well.

      Oct 26, Gaile rated it it was amazing Shelves: ancient-era. As usual, Mr. Costain delivers! We get a good look at Attila, The Hun as well as the hopes, dreams and love of the main characters. There are sub plots here too. Apr 06, Deborah Snyder rated it it was amazing.