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Most agencies have a lag in the clinical documentation review process. A full assessment of the clinical pathways, physical assessments and interventions and goals should be reviewed to prepare for the PDGM changes. Assess and review therapy programs. Sure, patients still need therapy and we will continue to provide it, but what is the process to ensure the therapy and nursing evaluations get completed to ensure one quality plan of care is determined?

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Again, timeliness is so important to this process. These will definitely have an impact to your business. Ensure clinicians understand the questions and appropriate answers as well as how to work with the review team to ensure feedback and corrections. This will reduce errors and rejections. Test and report the validity of the ongoing impact.

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You will have delays in payments and process failures. These are just a few of the items we are addressing with our clients today.

Keep in mind, while these are all valuable areas in general to focus on to improve efficiencies for PDGM, the most valuable recommendations are personalized. If you like what you see, we can move forward with our hands-on PDGM optimization. That includes us coming on site to implement your agency-specific PDGM plan.

You can view the one pager on our PDGM service here.

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As I write this article, I continue to think back to all the other times impending doom surrounded us. PDGM does not have to be that bad. Get prepared now! MHA is here to help you reach your highest level of efficiency. Our consultants are prepared and ready to assist you in driving these changes, training your staff and supporting your efforts.

Please take care of each other. Blog Post. April 24, Tom Maxwell.

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Recent Posts. September 20, With everything in its proper place and time, you feel in control and can replace time spent on vague worrying with effective, timely action. This shifts the balance in your life — accomplishments grow while the pressure to accomplish decreases, resulting in more energy, a more relaxed approach to life and the ability to get more done with less effort. Eat That Frog!

Think about what so many people do when they have to write something: Suddenly the dishes need washing, the desk needs straightening, the dog needs walking, old emails need to be purged, and maybe, just maybe, a nap is calling. In short, you put energy toward everything but the most important project. Decades ago, this University of Chicago researcher and psychologist set out to understand the optimal human experiences: joy, creativity and the process of total involvement in life.

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In fact, one chapter addresses how to transform jobs into flow-producing activities. His premise: If you find the flow in your life and your work, everything else falls into place. You get clarity on how you spend your time, while experiencing a profound connection to work and life. We all want what he is having. Optimal experience is thus something that we make happen. Harvard Business Review columnist Peter Bregman says the idea for this book was born after he realized at the end of one day that he had accomplished nothing he had originally intended to, thanks to emails, texts, phone calls and the nonstop fires he had to put out.

Bregman decided to find a way to cut through the daily clutter and distractions and focus on the key items that are truly the top priorities in his life.

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